About Us

Southern Exposure Photography is located in south central South Dakota between the towns of Burke and Gregory.    We specialize in family and portrait photography.  We enjoy working with seniors and families to create unique and quality photography at modest prices.  Our studio is located on a farm with access to many acres of rural landscape.  We also travel locally to the Missouri River, Burke Lake and other scenic areas.

Southern Exposure Photography is also happy to provide school photography services to the Burke School District.  We enjoy attending sporting events and hope to provide a array of action shots for students and parents to chose from.

We offer unique and quality wedding coverage a full 6 to 8 hour coverage of your special day.  We would like to visit with you about your wedding plans!  Please plan ahead and call early as dates fill up fast!

Southern Exposure Photography schedules photography sessions by appointment only.  We want to make sure your time is unique.  Please call for an appointment!

Our Services

We enjoy making each client's experience different and to provide unique images to celebrate your family or special senior!  We provide on-line proofing so your family members from all over the country can review images.  We provide personal one-on-one service and we operate from our studio located on our farm.  We have access to over 500 acres of farmland, creeks, trees, etc.  We also travel to local scenic spots such as Burke Lake and the Missouri River.

We can also come to your farm or special location for family portrait or senior photo session.  These unique photos show your place with your "stuff" --- heh, cows make good back drops!

Our studio is constructed to accommodate large family groups.  All you need to do when you have a family reunion in the area ... is show up!  Take some family photos and get back to having fun!  Small family groups are encouraged to come and let children play, become comfortable and have some fun taking photos.

Southern Exposure Photography has our own digital artist who carefully retouches your photos and provides artistic accents to make your photos unique!  We have many options available such as composites or family groupings to make a wall portrait to last for many years!

Pricing and Products


Southern Exposure Photography offers pricing for the type of photography you are interested in.  Please contact us and we will provide a price list for you.


Wall Portraits - available in many sizes and shapes to work with your decor!  

Framed Wall Prints - We have available framed photos all finished and ready for the wall!

Press Printed Books - These are amazing keepsakes!  Not just for weddings anymore!  Your photos in a hard bound professional book with your own word, colors and photos.  Perfect for senior keepsake or family gift!

Collages and Composites - We have sports and portrait composites available.  Our own design crew can create a unique keepsake for you!

Canvas Wall Portraits and Gallery Wraps - Imagine your family or senior portrait on canvas!  It's easy and beautiful!  Check out our samples!

Previews and Proofs

We utilize this website for our clients to review their proofs.  Many times it is easier for you to make your order in person, face to face, with a real person!  And we like that method the best!  So you can review your proofs on-line and decide in the comfort of your home which photos will work for you and then make your order with us in person, on the phone or on-line!

If access to a computer is not possible, we will arrange to go over your proofs with you in our studio ... no problem!  Also if the image is difficult to see on-line, we will review images with you!  

Family, senior and wedding photos are only visible with a password or access code.  This is to protect our customers so they can let who they want, see their images. 

Seniors ... we would like to make your images special and custom to you!  So we encourage all seniors to place their orders in person!  That way we can make sure retouching is the way you want or any enhancements are just what you like!

BTW ... Seniors ... we like showing off some digital enhancements!  Pick out 10 images you really like and we will show you some options for your photos!  

School Photos

Southern Exposure Photography is proud to be the official school photographer for the Burke School District in Burke, SD.  We do individual photos of the students and provide action shots for the yearbook.  We also offer action and event photos for sale to the students, parents and school supporters.

School photos are generally taken right away in the school year.  The 2017-2018 year will start soon!  We are working with on-line ordering for school pics.