Previews and Proofs

We utilize this website for our clients to review their proofs.  Many times it is easier for you to make your order in person, face to face, with a real person!  And we like that method the best!  So you can review your proofs on-line and decide in the comfort of your home which photos will work for you and then make your order with us in person, on the phone or on-line!

If access to a computer is not possible, we will arrange to go over your proofs with you in our studio ... no problem!  Also if the image is difficult to see on-line, we will review images with you!  

Family, senior and wedding photos are only visible with a password or access code.  This is to protect our customers so they can let who they want, see their images. 

Seniors ... we would like to make your images special and custom to you!  So we encourage all seniors to place their orders in person!  That way we can make sure retouching is the way you want or any enhancements are just what you like!

BTW ... Seniors ... we like showing off some digital enhancements!  Pick out 10 images you really like and we will show you some options for your photos!